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The Real Bryden - The Real Deal

Welcome to my firm.  I am Rob, from Robert Bryden Lawyers. Thank you for consulting me at a time of great angst and need in your life.

I am the original personal injury lawyer and have been in the game for some 35 years.  I sold out of my high profile practice, Brydens Lawyers at Liverpool in 2012, there is no longer a Bryden Principal – so don’t be fooled, even though they still use my name!

Robert Bryden Lawyers is the real deal; I am the  Robert Bryden you recognise from TV and radio and the Robert Bryden who is respected by other lawyers – I was elected by peers onto the Law Society NSW for ten years consecutively.

Most would not know that I actually invented the model of “no win no fee” back in the 1990’s.  (Yes I should have made a trademark on that!)  My prime objective was to ensure people who would not normally have access to legal advice were able to afford same.

My wife Suzi and I laugh now, as it is used by most law firms in this space.  She says it confirms I am a leader who has set the standards for the industry including no win/no fee and the phrase maximum compensation.  I still kick myself – trademark, trademark, trademark!    You would be very hard pressed to find a lawyer with more personal injury law experience than I.  I am the one you need in your corner.

With over 32,000 cases, a record setting 98% success rate (75% settled out of court) I am the man that thinks outside the text book square and makes it happen.

Robert Bryden Lawyers is a boutique, family-run and family-focused law firm.   Together with my wife Suzi Bryden , our small hand select team, some whom worked with me for over 15 years at my previous firm, we are all about people.

It is personal, it is your personal injury affecting your life.

Our ethos is we are people, working to help other people in their time of need.

Whether you need help claiming for a O Week University compensation, Workplace injury, Slip n fall in public or private place, medical negligence, a motor vehicle accident or for Superannuation & TPD claims.    

Come to the very best for your first no obligation visit.  Every single client meets with myself – that is my promise.   My family is here to protect you and your family and we do it very well.


Why you should choose Robert Bryden

No Win, No Fee

No win, no fee was coined over 30 years ago by Robert Bryden personally and is still a core value of his work today.

We Are The Experts

Rob has particular expertise in personal injury law including major injury claims such as serious motorcycle injuries, workplace injuries and seriously injured pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and passengers on public or private property.

Personal Service

Every single qualified prospect meets with Robert Bryden and receives his first hand expertise, professional opinion and highly qualified advice.

First Meeting Free

Your first appointment is free of any charge or obligation. It’s a chance to meet with Rob, build a relationship and assess your unique situation and the options available to you.

We Put Family First

We are a family business dedicated to looking after you and your family. As a boutique organisation we are small, discreet, and highly experienced.

In The Right Place

Being in the heart of NSW law at 82 Elizabeth Street Sydney we are ideally situated to conquer the seas of Compensation law and get you the most current and useful advice.