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Public Liability Claim

Did you know that shopping centre claims can range from $20,000 to millions of dollars? Only a tiny percentage of people injured as a result of negligence in shopping centres make a claim, and the majority who don’t take legal advice lose their rights.

That may be okay for you if it is a small accident and you are up and back into life quickly.  Not so fine if it’s more serious: If you suffer back pain, cannot lift your baby, cannot walk up the stairs easily, cannot sit down for long periods of time or cannot undertake the physical everyday activities you used to. If you cannot do that now, what happens when you get older?

What happens if years later you have repercussions to that injury that lead to longer term problems. Will you be able to afford in-home care? Or pay for additional help, medical bills, surgery?

Don’t be a victim and do something about it now.

Some of the things you may be able to claim include:

  • Past and future medical expenses resulting as a direct consequence of your accident
  • Past and future loss of earning
  • General damages, pain and suffering
  • Support loss, in the case of something more serious if you are the breadwinner of your family, or major earner of your household.

If you are visiting a private or public place and suffer an injury for which you are not at fault the circumstances might give rise to a substantial claim for compensation.   Rather than call it compensation, we prefer to call it protecting the future of you and your family.

I am Rob, of Robert Bryden Lawyers.  My family and I have seen over the years many injuries that have resulted in long term issues.   I don’t go through life being unprotected, I insist my family plan ahead, I am here to urge you to think ahead.

I originally coined the phrase “no win – no fee” (now used by all).  I did this to ensure my clients could have access to legal assistance, not often affordable by most.  I have extensive experience in personal injury law and with over 32,000 cases in my career so far – rest assured I can probably help you.

Making a Successful and Just Public Liability Claim

At our law firm, Robert Bryden Lawyers, we are a small, boutique law firm building good relationships with good people. We take on a very select clientele who most need our help and will most benefit from our extensive skills and experience.

Making a public liability claim can often mean dealing with large corporations and insurance firms. For this reason, making a public liability claim can be an intimidating process.

We are not intimidated by large corporations, red tape or bureaucracy, and certainly won’t let them interfere with a just result for my clients. We will work with you to develop a balanced and detailed understanding of your case and ensure that the right steps are taken to maximise your entitlements according to the law.

Strict time limits apply for these claims and it is vital that you see me at the earliest opportunity so that we can investigate and consider the circumstances of your claim.

As I invented “no win-no fee”, I won’t take your case to tick a box.  We are selective, we are boutique and only take those cases we believe we can win for those people that genuinely need our help.

Click below to speak with myself or my wife Suzi and organise a no charge if you don’t proceed and, of course, obligation-free meeting about your case.

Isn’t it time you had the best team looking after you and your family?