rbryden O Week Trauma

If you’ve seen the media in the last few weeks you wouldn’t have missed The Red Zone Report.

It is beyond shocking to read. Read the Full Report

Perhaps The Broderick Report has the solutions Universities and Colleges desperately need? Read the Full Report

Do you know there are 30 rapes per day nationwide on University campuses? That’s right 30 per day

There is Hazing. Torture. Assault, Bullying, Forced Drinking … and it’s all alive and well, hidden away under the guise of “tradition” dating back to 1930s. It is now 2018 and for behavior like this, Universities, Colleges and Government should all be ashamed.

What parent expects to send off their enthusiastic young teenager to the waiting arms of a predator?

If the stress and drama on all family members during HSC trials and subsequent exams isn’t enough.

We all keep fingers crossed sweating on the ATAR scores. Then it’s the excitement of which degree to undertake? Will we get in? Applications sent out left right and center – joy that our child is in. Everyone is excited, family, friends, relatives, grandparents … books are purchased, bags packed, tears of farewell and good luck well wishes.

Then Boom… it is University O Week! It’s supposed to be the start of their amazing adventure, their higher education journey; until it all turns to hell! A bright young happy adult has been transformed into a crouching, traumitised victim, a shadow of their potential with their dreams now a distant wish. What’s even worse is that the powers entrusted with the most precious thing we have, our future, are ducking and weaving all in the name of ‘tradition’. And this same hell has been going on for nearly 100 years! Can someone tell me why?

Do you have a story to tell?

Has something happened to you that is just, not right?

Then please click below to speak with myself or my wife Suzi and have a chat. We believe you, we listen, we have a daughter at Uni, we get it. We’d like it to stop, today.

No obligation, all highly confidential. I am Robert Bryden and one of the most experienced personal injury lawyers in the country. Together with my wife Suzi, we run our highly successful boutique personal injury firm. We are also parents. We have a young adult at University, so we know what it is really like behind the sandstone walls.

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If you have been a victim of Rape then you can contact NSW Rape Crisis on 1800 424 017 or through their website www.nswrapecrisis.com.au.