rbryden O Week Trauma

My husband Rob and I have been asked about our motivations in regard to Robert Bryden Lawyers involvement in change around Colleges & Universities and the hazing under the guise of purported “rites of passage’ and assaults that are actually in many instances, crimes.

It is a good question and deserves an answer. These are our feelings on the matter:-

  • We need as a society to band together to make change. A change, we believe like any self-respecting parent, that has to happen immediately.  Every single day someone is hurt.  I don’t want it to be my child.  I don’t want it to be my friend’s child, I don’t want it to be your child.
  • We are normal parents who can relate to the issues, having put our own children through University. We are in a position to offer legal guidance – why wouldn’t we do that when this affects our own family? This affects our friend’s, their families, their high school children, our nieces and nephews, grandchildren –  the list goes on –  would any parent who has the opportunity to make a difference put their head in the sand? Interestingly, over 75% of our workplace injury claims today are resultant of mental injuries.  That’s polite talk for bullying and harassment.  In essence, many leaders in our workplace today are bullies.  We no longer see the majority of claims being the result of physical accidents.   Clearly bullying is alive and well in the feeder stage of careers – Colleges and Universities.
  • Rob is arguably one of the best professional legal experts in the country in the area of personal injury law – he has over 32,000 cases under his belt, a success rate of over 98%.   That’s impressive in any language, state or college.   He is a leader, not a follower, so no apologies made. Rob is in a strong position to rattle cages and be an instrumental player in change.  I choose to support Rob.  I choose to support my family.  I choose to support our children being in a safe environment – an environment for which we pay money for them to reside!
  • Like most who put their children through college, we work hard, have a passion, genuinely care for people and have a love for helping the underdog against large institutions.
  • We do not support a “class action” against Colleges and Universities.   We are working with individuals affected by these abhorrent practices and assaults for a stronger safer society and to use the available law so that the institutions who ignore this behavior, whom sweep it under the carpet are actually held accountable in a Supreme Court, which goes right to their essence, their pockets and their brands.  This gives results and will lead to change- if they won’t change willingly, their insurers will demand it.
  • We strongly believe in victims getting support for any trauma they have faced. We can and do provide details of helplines and support agencies we have researched.

We do not think it will be easy for a second, challenging this behavior disguised as rituals evidently ignored by our Colleges and Universities for over the past 100 years but we are ready for the fight.

Here’s the one many choose to leave off the table.  Let’s not forgot students are doing this to other students.  Do you have a child in College who is no longer a first year student?   Ask yourself, what are they doing?   Someone is the bully …. Is it your child? If you are a parent with a student living on campus I encourage you to sit down and have a very frank conversation.   Goodness knows, they all need our support.

On a final note if you are worried, if you are a victim, if you are not ready for legal action, please reach out and we can provide you with various helplines and phone numbers we have researched. If you’d like to chat on any of the issues I mention, your email or call is welcome.