rbryden O Week Trauma

After hearing the results of the Red Zone Report earlier in the year and watching the D for Disgrace piece on 60 Minutes, Suzi Bryden bravely speaks out to Ben Fordham on 2GB about the horrifying events her daughter experienced and witnessed at Western Sydney University.

Suzi relives the longest night of her life when she had to rescue her daughter from predators at her child’s dorm room door.

Listen to the full interview on www.2gb.com:


Do you have a story to tell?

Has something happened to you that is just, not right?

Then please click below to speak with Suzi and have a chat. We believe you, we listen, we have a daughter at Uni, we get it. We’d like it to stop, today.

If you are not ready for a lawyer, but need to talk, please speak to our like-minded friend, Nina Funnell. Nina is the advocate for a safe university environment and cultural change. She is a survivor victim. She too is ready to listen. She can be reached here ninafunnell@gmail.com.

Remember you are not alone. we are all here fight with you and for you. Our family is here to protect your family. Let’s start getting you some justice.

For more information on O Week Trauma Compensation please Click Here. If you want to find out more about the End Rape on Campus Australia campaign please Click Here. If you have been a victim of Rape then please contact NSW Rape Crisis on 1800 424 017 or through their website www.nswrapecrisis.com.au.