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The hazing and assaults at Universities and Colleges being in the spotlight, it is interesting to see UTS set up “extrajudicial panels” of four people; a lawyer, a staff member and two students to judge cases.

The rules say they won’t be bound by the “rules of evidence” and can inform itself “in any way it thinks fit …”

The panel will then determine “guilt” and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor about punishment, including expulsion.

Wow! This is a big step, taking potentially criminal behaviour out of the criminal system of justice and putting it in the hands of unqualified people.   Where will the line be drawn?   Will it be biased against straight white males or will “justice” be handed out equally and fairly?   Has another HRC Kangaroo Court been set up it trap young uni students like the Human Rights Commission did in QLD?  

The difficulty is … people will be people.  Some persons affection behaviour or flirting maybe another persons’ nightmare.   Some persons attention may be another persons’ assault.    Will the panel process have a deterrent affect and reduce hazing and assaults?

Will the punishment fit the crime?

Can a bureaucracy ignore the criminal law and run their own rules behind sandstone walls?

This is a big step and could be a major step forward or a major step backwards.   We should be watching this space …

The jury is out at this point …

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