About Rob Bryden


Robert Bryden was the Founder of Bryden’s Lawyers. He is an expert in personal injury law and peer elected Law Society Council member for 10 consecutive years. My husband and colleague Rob, is a pioneer in personal injury law.

Robert was the original Bryden’s Compensation Lawyer. After 30 years and some 32,000 cases of which his success rate is an unprecedented 98%,  he sold his business Bryden’s Lawyers in Liverpool in 2012 and as such, there is no longer a Bryden Principal at Bryden’s Liverpool, so please do not be misled – as they still have his name on the door!

After the sale, Rob took a few years to pursue his passion of protecting Aussies and their rights across key areas, including policy development relating to motor sport, motor vehicles, motorcycles and retaining rights to proper compensation. Rob is an advocate for equality and mental health.  Tragically, the largest proportion of claims we see today are mental health injuries vs physical injuries. Yet it is 2018?

Most would not be aware Robert came up with the “No Win No Fee” model in the 1990s. An absolutely innovative concept 25+ years ago, he designed it to enable his clients the ability to secure legal assistance they may not have otherwise been able to afford.

Together, we laugh now to see it is the key phrase chanted by most firms in the profession, proving again, Robert Bryden is a leader, not a follower.

Rob has worked extensively across Road Safety and he was an instrumental player in the introduction of the NSW Learner Driver Safety Program – now highly successful in NSW and ripe for adoption by Governments nationally.

In 2016, through pure self-funding and family support, Rob ran for election in the Federal Senate as a candidate for the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party, aiming to promote sound road safety policy, reduce road toll deaths and redevelop the vital motor industry in Australia. Rob always believes politics needs some honesty and he gave it a good run for our money – invaluable experience and worth every penny.

In 2017 after the contract restrictions on the sale of his old firm expired, Rob relaunched under the banner of Robert Bryden Lawyers Pty Ltd, specialising again in compensation law.

Teamed with myself, his wife Suzi Bryden, brother-in-law Gavin (the General Manager) and a hand selected team whom have previously worked alongside Rob for over 15 years in his old firm, together we provide a boutique family personal service where our ethos is our family is here to protect your family.

Our clients have our private mobiles, we know each and every one by name, not a file number. We do not take on every case, we are selective, we only work with those genuine cases where we can add value and with those who really need us.   And of course, yes, it’s no win no fee in most personal injury situations.

Rob, myself and Rob’s brother in law, together with our team are genuinely here to help those who need us. Isn’t it about time you had someone real in your corner?

Please feel free to ring me, Suzi Bryden on 1800 762 279 – it is a confidential obligation free chat, we listen and if we can help you, we will.