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Compensation Law

Compensation Law need not be as complicated as it sounds. With over 32 years of expertise you can feel confident in Robert Bryden Personal Injury Lawyers. I am the best lawyer in this arena and have developed my skills and experience through involvement in over 30,000 cases. I have experience you can trust.

Surely you have been through enough without having to worry about legal complications? That is why I have teamed with my wife, Suzi Bryden to help good people through difficult times. Together our family and our team are dedicated to helping you and your family.

We do not run a production line at Robert Bryden Lawyers. We are a small, family-run and family focussed boutique law practice. We do not take on all cases – we devote ourselves to those we can really help.

How does the Compensation Law process work?

As we said at the start – Compensation Law need not be as complicated or inapproachable as it sounds. We keep it simple – as it should be:

  1. Lodge your claim on our website, or call Suzi or myself on 1800 762 279, so that we can set up a face to face meeting
    • I meet personally with all potential clients and believe this is of utmost importance in establishing a good relationship and a thorough understanding of your situation
  2. During our meeting, I will be able to ask you all important questions about your accident and injuries, and establish a plan for both of us to work towards
  3. Following on from our discussion, it is likely that we will need to contact your doctors and get information about any injuries or disabilities, and we may need to send you to an independent doctor as well. An insurance doctor may also set up a meeting during this stage. We will be here to guide you every step of the process
  4. Once your injuries have stabilised according to the doctors, it is often possible to talk about settlement with insurers. Around 75% of my cases have been settled outside of court, which is a fantastic result as not only less stressful, but more cost and time effective. However, if the insurer is not willing to make a reasonable offer and it becomes necessary to take the matter towards a court or tribunal hearing, I will do all the hard work for you to achieve a just and fair outcome

You are dealing directly with me, Robert Bryden, the original Brydens Personal Injury Lawyer. No win, no fee!

Rob Bryden

Rob Bryden