University 0 Week Trauma

Do you know there are 30 rapes per day nationwide on University campuses?

There is Hazing, Torture, Assault, Bullying, Forced Drinking at education institutions across the country hidden away under the guise of “tradition” dating back to 1930s.  Do you have a story to share? Are you seeking justice for yourself or a loved on? Do you just need a shoulder?  

Please call Suzi Bryden today.

Do You Deserve University 0 Week Trauma Compensation?

Are you or a family member a victim of bullying or harassment at school or university?

Has someone you care about lost the ability to complete their studies through anxiety and trauma?

Are they significantly suffering mentally or scarred emotionally and so unable to do their day to day normal things?

Have you told the educational institution and got no satisfactory results?

4 Simple Steps
Lets Put The Worst Behind You

Step 1

Ring 1800 762 279 and speak with Rob or Suzi Bryden to book your free meeting with Rob (home visits are available if required)

Step 2

Bring your mum and dad or support person, any medical documentation, evidence, notes, screen shots, information etc with you.

Step 3

Have a hot chocolate and discussion with the industry leader in compensation, plan together with us what outcomes we can achieve as a team and how we can ensure accountability by those who we pay to have our children in their care.

Step 4

Go home knowing you have a firm plan and someone in your corner


Why you should choose Robert Bryden

No Win, No Fee

No win, no fee was coined over 30 years ago by Robert Bryden personally and is still a core value of his work today.

We Are The Experts

Rob has particular expertise in personal injury law including major injury claims such as serious motorcycle injuries, workplace injuries and seriously injured pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and passengers on public or private property.

Personal Service

Every single qualified prospect meets with Robert Bryden and receives his first hand expertise, professional opinion and highly qualified advice.

First Meeting Free

Your first appointment is free of any charge or obligation. It’s a chance to meet with Rob, build a relationship and assess your unique situation and the options available to you.

We Put Family First

We are a family business dedicated to looking after you and your family. As a boutique organisation we are small, discreet, and highly experienced.

In The Right Place

Being in the heart of NSW law at 82 Elizabeth Street Sydney we are ideally situated to conquer the seas of Compensation law and get you the most current and useful advice.