Could you imagine going into hospital for surgery, and feel everything happening during the procedure? The pulling of skin, the knife, the surgeon’s hands doing their work?

How about being woken up mid-surgery to be asked your opinion on your doctors work so far? Shockingly, stories like these are all too common.

80,000 Australians are hospitalized due to medical errors. What’s worse is that 50,000 people suffer permanent injury from medical negligence each year, and 18,000 Australians die in hospitals because of preventable medical negligence.

The statistics are unacceptable, and prove that doctors don’t always make the right decisions. When mistakes are made and medical negligence takes place it can be a time of intimidation, worry and angst. It can also have serious impacts on you and your family.

Medical negligence is a complex area of law. Therefore it is essential you seek out professional legal advice as soon as you can. If either yourself or a loved one have been negatively impacted, you need to act now.

To prove a case, you have to show that a doctor acted negligently and that the negligence directly caused your injury. Since medical insurers fight hard, and doctors stick together, you need a strong, independent medical negligence lawyer on your side.

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