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Robert Bryden wins 98% of cases. And he’s ready to win yours.

Robert Bryden began practicing law, with a special interest in personal injury law, in 1984. To deliver that service to more Australians he founded Bryden Lawyers with his other partners in 1996. Today he has 35 years of experience, and 32,205 cases to his name. It’s why Robert Bryden is known in the law profession as the real deal for compensation law.  

In 2017, it became clear that Australia’s law firms weren’t giving Australians the personal attention they deserve, and weren’t helping Australians understand what their rights under law really are.

So, Robert opened his doors to a new family-owned practice, Robert Bryden Lawyers.

Robert is still driven by his belief that everyone flourishes when they know they can take control. He’s seen the difference that compensation can make to someone when they suffer a setback, because it gives control back to people.

If you’re someone who has been injured — financially, physically, or emotionally — and there is a way that the law can see you are compensated, Robert Bryden is the one person who will find the way to ensure you get it.

Your rights include the right to be safe at work, safe in the community and safe on the roads. You also have the right to be dealt with fairly by businesses who you work with. When those rights are infringed, and you experience a personal injury or financial injury, then it’s time for you to assert your control. The best place to do that is not with a bureaucrat or an administrator at an insurance company. The place where your power as a citizen is best recognised under the law is in court.

Robert is a very strong believer in the rule of law and the proper role of courts. He’s also extremely practical. He won’t waste your time if he’s not certain he can’t get you what you need. In fact, he created the phrase almost all injury lawyers use today, “No win, no fee.”

Coined by Robert Bryden over 35 years ago, “No win, no fee” has quickly become a foundational principle of injury law today. An absolutely innovative concept when first introduced, Robert designed it so that his clients could secure the legal assistance they may not have otherwise been able to afford.

Today, “no win, no fee” is the key phrase chanted by most firms in the profession, proving Robert Bryden as a leader, not a follower. A pioneer who really cares about fighting for everyday people who want to take back control of their lives.

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