Christine’s Story – Medical Compensation

My first contact with Robert Bryden Lawyers was roughly 18 months ago. Within the first 30 minutes talking with Robert I knew I had found the right person for my complicated medico-legal matter. I had spoken to numerous lawyers and had no satisfaction. I was told that I did not have a strong enough case and I was dismissed by other lawyers. Robert Bryden listened to my story. He asked the right questions. He understood the issues and later the same day he contacted me to say that he would take on my case. I could not believe that someone […] Read more

Abigail’s Story – Day Care Injury

This shouldn’t happen to anyone’s child. Let alone a one-year-old left in a daycare. But as Martina scooped baby Abigail to go home, the little one began to cry, but the daycare staff said nothing about why, though they knew full well. Abigail started clinging to her mum like a koala. However, Martina didn’t think too much of it, as she was reassured by daycare staff that the tears must be down to the long day away from home.

The next morning Martina noticed that Abigail wasn’t moving one of her arms quite right. Having a closer look, she found a […] Read more

Jane’s Story – Franchise Dispute

Jane thought she had the chance of a lifetime when she was offered an organic cafe franchise. But hidden costs, franchisor mismanagement and outright deceit about building works meant that hard-working Jane had to close the doors, through no fault of her own, just five months later. She wasn’t eating, wasn’t sleeping, and wasn’t making any money.

With Robert Bryden on her side, Jane was able to pursue the franchisor and sue the solicitor who had drawn up the contract that hadn’t protected her interests. In the end, Robert was able to identify the best avenue for compensation, securing a large […] Read more

Howard’s Story – Accident Compensation

Before the accident, 81-year-old Howard, was happily enjoying a retirement full of travel, fishing, and a general love of life. Howard is a well-known local character in the Manly surfside community. His career in the film industry has given him excellent taste in clothes, a stack of good stories and a lot of cheek.

One bright day that changed. As Howard crossed the road near his beloved beach, Howard was struck by a careless driver who reversed over him. Howard was left pinned under a massive four-wheel drive.

The damage was much more than a badly fractured ankle. His mobility and confidence […] Read more

Isabella’s Story – Injured Dancer

Ever since she started in kindergarten, dance had been Isabella’s only passion. Picked for an elite dance troupe, her family began to see it was their talented daughter’s future too.

But a freak accident at an amusement park, severely injuring Isabella’s hand, meant those dreams all but ended.


When Robert received the phone call from Isabella’s concerned father, he could tell immediately that there was a case for negligence. And after months of hard work, the case came through in their favour – gaining back Isabella’s control of her life – opening new doors, and new dreams, for her future.

“With Robert on […] Read more