Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Claims

If you have been injured to the degree that you are no longer able to work, you may qualify as having a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD). You could be covered under insurance – without even knowing it!


TPD is an insurance that’s typically offered through your superannuation fund, although it’s also available as a standalone cover. TPD insurance covers you if you can’t work again due to injury or illness. This could be due to a physical injury, a disease such as cancer, MS or poor mental health. Many people don’t even realise they hold TPD insurance.


Am I eligible for TPD?

To be eligible for TPD insurance, you need to show you’re permanently unfit for either your usual occupation or any occupation, depending the policy you have chosen. Some injuries may also qualify for a percentage of the benefit, depending on your ability to work. Each situation is personal and your cover can vary, so that’s why it can be helpful to have Robert Bryden Lawyers to help assess your eligibility and handle your claim.


Can I claim both workers’ compensation and TPD?

Yes. Your TPD insurance is like house insurance, but for your body. It’s a personal insurance you have that you can claim on if you’re permanently unfit to work. Workers’ compensation, on the other hand, is a governed issue. It relates to your employer and their accountability for your accident. So you can make a workers’ compensation claim, as well as receive a TPD payout. In this instance, it’s particularly helpful to seek legal advice. At this difficult time it is important to receive all your entitlements.


Do you need a lawyer to make a TPD claim?

Would you operate on yourself or call in a surgeon? It can be really helpful to have a lawyer handle your claim. TPD policies vary between funds and you are dealing with an insurance company. It’s a complex process and a lawyer can help streamline your claim.

When is the last time you heard an insurance company happily paid out money? A lawyer can help you understand what documentation and evidence you need and which requests from insurers are reasonable. A lawyer can also be useful when claiming for specific conditions. For example, mental health claims can be particularly challenging.

Robert Bryden is an expert in this area of insurance and has been successful in securing thousands of dollars for clients who did not even know they had access to TPD insurance.


Is there a time limit for making a TPD claim?

Time limits do apply in most claims, so it’s very important to get in touch with Robert Bryden as soon as possible. Together, let’s make sure you receive all your entitlements.


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