With demand for franchises steadily growing across Australia, embarking on your own franchise journey can be a rewarding opportunity to be self-employed and grow your own wealth. It’s certainly an opportunity for success if all parties, from franchisor to franchisee, act in good faith and meet their responsibilities.

The franchise industry is so exciting because of the low barriers to entry. In addition to the purchase and acceptance by the franchisor, you only need a licence from the franchisor to get started. However, since the entry barrier is so low, professional legal advice is essential!

Remember, franchises are renowned for being one of the most difficult of businesses to get right and require the right balance of creativity, formality, and stability in order to be successful. From the outset, always remember to consult a franchise lawyer in order to get everything right. We want to see you succeed, so make sure you reach out to us for help.

And if things don’t go according to plan, you’ll need strong representation and expert franchise legal advice. After spending 35 years working in business contract law, Robert Bryden understands small business. He’s also successfully litigated financial outcomes for his clients against high profile Franchisors. With Robert Bryden on your side, he will help you take control of your business life.




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