An average of 1.3 million Australians over the age of 15 experience a personal injury each year. These injuries often result in income loss, stress-related illness and usually impact those who care about you the most. What’s worse is that most Australians carry on through suffering, simply because they are unaware of the laws that support them. Which is why it’s important to speak to Robert Bryden, Australia’s leading personal injury lawyer for advice as soon as possible

Personal injury

Over my 40-year career, I have been able to secure compensation for people have suffered all kinds of injury. From $20,000 to millions of dollars, legal compensation has enabled many to start their lives afresh. These are some of the common question I get asked about personal injury claims.

  • What is personal injury?

    In the legal sense, a personal injury is where you have been injured either to your body, your mind or your emotions. That means physical or psychological damages have happened to you, through the fault of another responsible party. Some examples are;

    • the result of a fall in a public place
    • a slip in a shopping centre
    • a car accident
    • bullying and harassment where you are seriously emotionally impacted
  • How much compensation can I receive?

    You are entitled to receive compensation for things including:

    • loss of wages.
    • loss of future income.
    • career limitations due to your injury.
    • carers both paid and family assisted.
    • medical expenses past and future.

    In essence you are entitled to compensation that would meet the loss you have suffered if you are unable to continue with day to day life as you knew it. This is a highly specialised area and monetary values depend on your personal circumstances and the Lawyer you choose!

  • What does Rob’s No Win No Fee mean?

    Rob coined this phrase 40 years ago! Pity he did not trademark it back then. So naturally we offer most services on a No Win No Fee basis.

    What this means is if we do not win compensation for our client, we will not raise an invoice for our work and time. We also do not take a commission or cut on your compensation, which is against the law in NSW! We simply charge an hourly rate for our work and if you win we invoice you accordingly.

    Rob is happy to explain any questions you may have. Transparency on his no win no fee phrase is key to our success.

How Rob Bryden can help you start to take control

Personal Injury is exactly that, it is personal. It affects you, your loved ones, your income, your mental health and wellbeing.

Together with my wife Suzi, I and our team of professionals will ensure you are not weighed further by a legal process.

  • We are compassionate, sensitive, highly discreet, family run and family focussed.
  • Each client has personal contact with Rob and Suzi 24/7.
  • Each client meets personally with Rob. No junior lawyers, no staff that turn over, every single client meets the original Bryden Lawyer, Robert Bryden.
  • Our dedicated team understand the challenges you will face, and strive to make the process as simple as possible.
  • You can trust us to care about you and get you the compensation to assist you in moving forward with your life.