No Win, No Fee

The term ‘No Win, No Fee’ was personally coined by Robert Bryden over 40 years ago.

Put simply, this approach ensures that clients are not billed for legal services if their claims are unsuccessful. The reason Robert invented this concept was to allow those who could not normally afford legal advice to be able to gain access to the best advice in personal injury. This is still one of Robert’s core values today.

It’s important not to confuse Robert Bryden with other brands –– in 2012, Robert Bryden parted ways with Bryden’s Liverpool, and the Bryden name is no longer associated with that entity. He is the original and real deal. Meet with him today.

Robert meets with everyone – FOR FREE

No other firm offers every single client a complimentary meeting with their Principal.

During a meeting with Robert, clients engage in discussions about their cases, and he outlines the available options. This appointment is entirely free of charge and there are no obligations. Clients are afforded the flexibility to choose between a face-to-face meeting, a teleconference, or a Zoom session, tailored to their preferences. By choosing Robert Bryden Lawyers, clients won’t be passed around to junior lawyers and treated like just another case –– instead, they can expect a personalised experience, directly engaging with Robert and his wife, Suzi.

Robert wins 98% of cases

After 40 years in the industry and 32,700 cases, Robert proudly holds a 98% win record (90% settled out of court). This record proves Robert is the man who thinks outside the box and makes it happen.

Robert Bryden only takes the case if he can make a difference

Since client relationships are so important to Robert, he is determined to uphold his integrity with everyone. This means he will only take on a client’s case if he knows he can make a difference. In situations where he recognises that he cannot provide the necessary assistance, Robert prioritises transparency and honesty above all else. This commitment ensures that clients can have peace of mind, knowing they won’t engage in a legal battle without realistic prospects of success.

Robert Bryden is accessible to everyone

Robert Bryden and his team extend accessibility to clients across New South Wales, with their office conveniently located at 82 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. However, should clients be unable to visit the office, Robert is prepared to provide on-site consultations. Regardless of location, Robert ensures that legal support is readily available wherever the client may be in Australia.

Robert puts family first

For Robert, family is everything and that seamlessly translates into his practice. His wife Suzi looks after customer relationships and his brother-in-law Gavin is Practice Manager and Head of Operations. Together, they form a boutique family business with a dedicated focus on providing comprehensive care and support to clients and their families.

About Robert Bryden Lawyers

Robert Bryden and his dedicated team operate a highly personalised family practice where every client meets personally with Robert Bryden.

  • They are compassionate, sensitive, highly discreet, family-run and family focused.
  • Every client has personal contact with Robert and Suzi 24/7.
  • Every client meets personally with Robert. No junior lawyers, no staff that turn over, every single client meets the original Bryden lawyer, Robert Bryden.
  • Robert and his dedicated team understand the challenges clients will face and strive to make the process as simple as possible.
  • Clients can have full confidence in the firm’s genuine care for their well-being and trust in their ability to secure compensation to support their journey toward a brighter future.

The law firm that will be with you every step of the way


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