Before the accident, 81-year-old Howard, was happily enjoying a retirement full of travel, fishing, and a general love of life. Howard is a well-known local character in the Manly surfside community. His career in the film industry has given him excellent taste in clothes, a stack of good stories and a lot of cheek.

One bright day that changed. As Howard crossed the road near his beloved beach, Howard was struck by a careless driver who reversed over him. Howard was left pinned under a massive four-wheel drive.

The damage was much more than a badly fractured ankle. His mobility and confidence were crushed. After the physical wounds healed, the once keen motorhead was left too shaken to drive. Howard is now unable to jump in the car and get around the city he calls home, nor hop around his favourite fishing spots.

When Howard met Robert Bryden he started to see he had choices again. Robert fought to secure the compensation Howard deserved. This hasn’t just given him a new level of financial security: it has opened the door to the possibility for some serious travel.

“What am I looking forward to? The top end. I’m going to go travelling with my sister. Before the accident I visited Cuba, but now there are a few parts of Australia I need to see before I die. I’ve got a lot of living to do yet.”


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